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What are placenta remedies?

Placenta remedies are made using a mother’s own placenta, they can be in the form of a pill, tincture, essence or homeopathic sugar pill.  Each remedy has its own therapeutic healing properties and can be taken in conjunction with each other or on their own.

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What is actually in your placenta and how can it be beneficial?

  • Iron – Helps with postpartum anaemia essential for replacing blood loss

  • Stem cells/growth factors – Help to repair trauma or injury of the soft tissue after birth

  • Vitamins b6 & b12 – Can help with fatigue and energy levels

  • Progesterone – Can help to lower the risk of postnatal depression and low mood

  • Hormones – Can help to shrink the uterus back to normal size, help with bonding and infant feeding

  • Galactagogue effect – Anecdotal evidence reports that consuming the placenta can support milk supply & in some cases actually increase milk production

Different types of remedies

Pills/capsules - Placenta pills are made by dehydrating the placenta and grinding it down to a fine powder to be put in to small vegetable capsules which can be taken daily as needed. Usually, one placenta can yield between 80-200 pills depending on its size.


The anecdotal benefits of placenta pills include:

  • Replenishing iron stores to help with anaemia

  • Increases milk supply

  • Stops postpartum bleeding faster

  • Lowers chance of postpartum depression

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Helps body produce natural opioids including endorphins to reduce pain

  • Increase overall feeling of wellbeing

  • Lessens fatigue

Tincture – Placenta tincture is where pieces of placenta are infused in a liquid, usually alcohol for 6 weeks. They are usually about ready for when you are about to run out of your placenta capsules. Placenta tincture comes in handy as it has no expiration date, it does not need refrigeration and only a few drops are needed. Tinctures can last for years and remain potent up until it runs out.


The anecdotal benefits of placenta tincture may include:

  • Restores and balances hormones after birth

  • Reduces postpartum bleeding

  • Improves mood

  • Increases energy levels

  • Sense of balance and increase in feeling of wellbeing

  • Supports lactation

  • Can be used later in life for support during menopause

  • Reduces PMS symptoms

  • Boosts immune system

Smoothies – Placenta smoothies are just that. Fruit blended with a small piece of fresh raw placenta gives the ultimate energy boost. As the placenta is mixed with fruit you can’t taste the placenta at all. The placenta is full of iron which can replace blood loss and stem cells and growth factors meaning it can help to repair damaged tissues. This is the best most potent way of reaping the benefits of your amazing placenta. It has been reported that bleeding is dramatically reduced after having a placenta smoothie within the 24 hours after birth.


Reported benefits of placenta smoothies are:

  • Helps stop/reduce postpartum haemorrhaging

  • Reduces blood loss

  • Gives an energy boost after birth

  • Boosts milk supply

  • Good source or vitamins, iron and minerals

  • Eases the hormonal transition from pregnancy, birth and postpartum period

  • Helps to lessen postpartum blues


After birth the placenta can be portioned and kept in the freezer to be used as you wish in smoothies in the days or weeks following the birth.


All placenta remedies are prepared in a sterile food standard environment and are processed individually using sterile equipment with no risk of cross contamination.

Placenta remedies have minimal to zero side effects. 

Terms and conditions apply.

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Image by Joshua Reddekopp

Placenta Services Pricing

Placenta Pills

Placenta capsules/pills £185

Placenta Smoothie

Placenta smoothie £45 add on (includes organic fruit & spring water) Available in the Liverpool area only

Placenta Tincture 

Placenta tincture 300ml £55

Placenta Infused Cosmetics

Placenta infused body oil 200ml £25

Placenta infused body butter 150g tub £30

Placenta Art

Placenta print £6

Umbilical cord art - Free with all pills where possible

Mileage for placenta services in & around Liverpool will be calculated at 50p per mile over 5 miles from the postcode L4 5XF

This includes cooler pack delivery, collection of placenta & hand delivery of placenta remedies

Placenta remedy services for outside of the North West (anywhere in Britain) have an additional fee of £55 to cover the overnight courier service,

To book you can text or Whatsapp me on 07711082122 

Drop me an email

Or head to my instagram & send me a DM

All placenta services require a £85 booking fee which is non-refundable or transferable.

The full balance for all services must be paid prior to 37 weeks gestation. 

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