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Frequently Asked Questions...


How is a doula different to support from friends or family?

Although support from friends and family is wonderful, people can sometimes give their own opinions or unwelcome advice even though they mean well. As your doula I can help you to figure out your own way on this journey while providing unbiased advice and support. I can also help navigate ways of communicating with loved ones if you're ever feeling overwhelmed.

How is a doula different from having a birth partner/spouse?

This is a big question a lot of people ask me. Let’s dive right in.

Usually, a birth partner is either the father of the baby, a partner or a loved one. They themselves will be going through their own emotional journey during the labour and birth, they may or may not have witnessed birth before and may have their own story or trauma attached to what they think may happen.

Many partners aren’t too familiar with labour, birth or what can and may happen so a doula can step in, explain what is happening and provide support to not only the birthing person but their partner too.

Birth partners will also need to use the bathroom, eat and sometimes sleep during a labour, having a doula present ensures that a birthing woman is not left alone and has continuous support especially when she may need help communicating with her healthcare providers.  


A doula can act as a buffer between a birthing woman and medical staff and can help her feel more empowered and less vulnerable, they can also help to explain or translate medical terminology to help her make informed decisions about her care.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

I will never replace or take over your partners role during your labour or birth. How involved you would like me to be will be discussed at your antenatal visits and I can be as involved or as out of the way as you would like, I will follow your lead and your wishes. I can however provide moral, emotional and practical support to your partner so I hope to enhance both of your experiences and support you both.

I am having a hospital birth, can I still hire you?

Yes of course! Doulas can be hired for any and every type of birth from a freebirth in the woods to a home-birth, a hospital birth up to caesarean section under general anaesthetic. All women can benefit from having doula support. In the event that any restrictions stop me from accompanying you in to the hospital I will still be available on zoom to support you throughout your labour and birth and can help to get things ready for your arrival home.

Can you guarantee you will make it to my birth?

Yes, I only take on 1 birth client at a time. I will go on call 10 days before your due date, which means I will be available to come to you once you go in to labour. Being on call means I can't go very far from home, I won't drink any alcohol or do anything that will impair my ability to drive. This is the reason why doulas charge a fee as it means we are dedicated to our clients needs and are ready to be there at the drop of a hat.

What areas do you cover?

I cover the whole of Liverpool, Merseyside, the Wirral and Cheshire. If you would like my services and live outside of these areas please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Is pregnancy massage safe?

Yes. However pregnancy massage can only be done once you are past to 1st trimester. I am a trained masseuse and have done further training to specialise in pregnancy massage and I am knowledgeable about what oils and positions are safe for both you and your baby. 

How does it work if there is a midwife present?

Midwives and doulas have totally different roles, midwives are there in a clinical sense whereas a doula is present in a more holistic sense.

A midwife works for the hospital whereas a doula works for you

 In a hospital setting NHS midwives have more than one person to look after at a time so their attention can be split as they have a lot to manage whereas your doula is there for only you. At a home birth an NHS midwife will be there for you only, however they may have pressure to return to the hospital so may be on a time limit and once they've finish their shift a new midwife comes to take over, whereas your doula is there to stay with you throughout.

Your midwife and your doula work hand in hand to ensure you have the most positive safe experience during your birth.

How can I book you?

You can text or whatsapp me on 07711082122,

email me on,

DM me on instagram,

fill in the contact form on this website to contact me,

 I will be in touch to arrange a free no obligation chat about how i can serve you.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch using the contact form or you can reach out to me by emailing 

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